Singer Arun Kamaraj’s debut film Kanaa is produced by Siva Karthikeyan’s  SK productions. Touted as a sports film with a social message, Kanaa has generated a lot of interest.

The film starts off a little annoyingly and it takes off only when the plot thickens. As long as the film sticks to the sport it comes out convincing, but then Arun decides to “punch” in a social message as well and therein lays the issue. The parallel story track tests the patience of the viewer. Doses of melodrama and a useless romance make viewing a little tiresome. But then on the positive side, the sport part is nicely done. The rural setting adds colour to the narration. The way the lead character takes to the sport is differently and well done. There are neat messages of women’s rights and empowerment and the climax despite being over the top will find takers.

Aishwarya Rajesh looks convincing in her role. Sathyaraj is dignified as her father. Dharshan is ok in an insignificant role. Siva Karthikeyan;s cameo performance role is heavily inspired from SRK’s Chak De but then he does deliver impressively.

Dinesh Krishnan’ s cinematography captures the director’s vision well. Dhibu Thomas’ s music works fine in the background and songs too are quite decent. Ruban’s editing tires its best to be tight but then the end product is lengthy. Dialogues are good while direction for a debutant is welcome.

KANAA is not without its pitfalls but then for its attempt and its attempt to motivate and inspire it deserves acknowledgement. Even if it inspires one girl to take up a sport it merits applause.