Kalakalappu by Sundar C was a huge hit when it released couple of years back. Now Sundar C is back with a sequel of the same produced by his better half.

There is no surprise in the story premise, for Sundar goes back to the same old story of Kalakalappu for this sequel as well. Sundar does not try anything different even in the execution and presentation of the film. Even the much famed comedy is as stale as it can get, though it does bring in a few laughs, they are few and sparse. There is a line in the film that sums the movie up, it’s a Sundar C movie so anything and everything can happen.

There is a horde of stars in this movie and that helps sustain some interest. Jeeva is a natural, while Jai too scores. Mirchi Shiva after a few duds tries to salvage with a decent performance. The ladies in the film in the form of Catherine Teresa and Nikki Galrani do their parts well. Comedy support is in the form of Yogi Babu, Radha ravi, VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu stands out. With a good production budget the movie has good technical backing.

Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is very colourful. Hip Hop Thamizha scores the music and is pretty much template stuff. Srikanth’s editing could have been a lot crispier. Dialogues are rudimentary while direction offers nothing new.

KALAKALAPPU 2 offers nothing new and is Sundar C’s staple diet.