KADAMBAN is written and directed by N. Raghavan who gets Arya back on the big screen in Kollywood after a long break. This movie has been in the news for Arya’s dedication and the social message it intends to propagate.

It is not enough to have a good intention and a social message to make a decent movie. You need more thought as well as maturity in handling movies that tends to tell a message. Kadamban lacks in maturity as well as proper execution and comes out being written poorly. The narration is tedious and the setting could have been any place instead of the forest and yet nothing could have changed in the script. The climax would make one believe that this is from a different film.
Arya, physically overhauled after a long time he comes out with a convincing performance and remains the saving grace of the film. Catherine has very little to do except stalk Arya and totally look out of place. While the others in the movie just go about the motions without any strong characterization.

Cinematography by Sathish Kumar is OK considering that it is a forest based script while the CG is of very low standards. Yuvan works well in the background score but the songs just about manages to make an average listen. Editing is by Dev and can be considered ineffective while the dialogues in a social message movie are below standards with hardly any strong communication.

KADAMBAN flounders despite a plot with a social message.