Kaatu Paya Sir Intha Kaali Movie Review

‘Kaatu Paya Sir Intha Kaali’ is supposed to have been made with an intention to create awareness on a lot of social causes in India and particularly in Tamil Nadu.

The movie stars Kaali (Jeivanth) in the lead role and Amudha Paul (Iraa) in the female lead. The movie is directed by Youreka under the banner of White Horse Cinemas.

The movie mainly targets to show how financiers and pawnbrokers fleece money from people in the name of interest for their loan and how these people are treated when they fail to pay back on time.

Kaali is a police officer who is entrusted with the case of an anonymous person who has been burning bikes and cars that belong to the employees of a company called Manisharma Financing Company. 

Why is this company being targeted? Who has been doing all this and what could be their motive? Could he/she been someone who has taken a loan from the company and become a victim of their torture or is an ex employee of the company? These are the questions for which Kaali sets out to find an answer! 

Amudha Paul has a very limited role and is way to go before she can even be called an actor! Aadukalam Naren (Kaali’s boss) has a very small role and could have been used much better in the movie. The songs of the movie are by Vijay Shankar. The songs also seem to be giving out huge social messages, but don’t really add much value to the movie.

You would definitely see the problem of people taking loans and some finance companies looting them as a major cause being dealt with, but the way the problem is handled in the movie and the solution shown to it would definitely not be good for the society! The other thing that they show is the North-South divide which could have been done better!

We do need more such films on social causes for sure, but the way they are taken and the way the concern is handled should be different and not give rise to criminals in the society! 

Despite all these flaws, Jeivanth has done good justice to the role that he has been given and his personality suits the role of a cop really well!

Rating: 1.5/5

Divya Jay