JLB2 returns after the very impressive and cracking JLB1, but this time with a change in the star cast in the form of Akshay Kumar replacing Arshad Warsi in the title role.

Sequels are tough in the sense that they tend to be compared with its prequel and every sequel is expected to set the bar further higher. JLB2 in that sense is a little disappointing as it is not as tight and compelling as its first installment. The movie begins quite well with a few unexpected twists but they it kind of peters down and tends to border on being a little dramatic. But what compensates those flaws is the “near-real” characterization that helps overcome the deficiencies.

Akshay Kumar yet again comes out and delivers a convincing performance though the natural wit, gait and the “commonness” of Arshad Warsi is sorely missed. Huma Qureshi is aptly cast in her “bold wife” role. While like in the first part it is Saurabh Shukla who again walks away with the acting honours. He is exceptional in his role as the judge and oozes brilliance endearing himself to the audience. The others are effective in their roles.

Kamal Jeet Negi does a very neat job behind the camera while the editing could have been a little crisper. The music department does an average job while the dialogues are good. Director Subhash Kumar draws commendable performance from the star cast while his writing could have been a little stronger.

Jolly LLB 2 does not match up to its predecessor but yet is a decent one time watch as it has moments that is entertaining as well as introspective. The wait is on for a better product in the third installment.