JIIVI is produced by Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas, written by Babu Tamizh and directed by debutant Gopinath.

JIIVI is yet another thriller from the stables of Kollywood after the tiring repeat of horror films. Like most recent thrillers the film has a solid story line but where JIIVI stumbles is in the unravelling of the mystery. It is done in an almost matter of fact way thereby losing charm. The novelty in the plot is run down by some pedestrian screenplay and characterization. The film begins rather very slowly and rarely picks up pace though the underlying suspense is the only thing that holds up the film. The smart climax too is lost in an ordinary way.

Vetri is adequate playing the lead role while Karunakaran sticks to his routine as the side kick.  Rohini as the landlord is OK. The rest do an average job.

Technically the stringent budget is all visible. Cinematographer Praveen Kumar tries his best to make the movie larger than it actually is. Sundaramurthy’s musical score is nothing to write about while editing by Praveen KL is average. Dialogues are good in parts and direction for a debutant is decent.

JIIVI deserves appreciation for not digressing in the form of romance or comedy but then the film could have been much better with neat presentation and improved execution of its innovative story.