Jigarthanda DoubleX period action drama film written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj. Produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, S. Kathiresan, and Alankar Pandian, under Stone Bench Films, Five Star Creations, and Invenio Origin. The film is a successor to Jigarthanda (2014).

The film opens with a bang and the stage is presumably set for an exciting race, but unfortunately as the characters are introduced, the transitions are so short and fast that comprehending it and being involved becomes a huge task. The movie moves at a laggard pace and there are periods in the film where they feel obligatory and less natural. The first half is a huge downer. It is in the second half that the film takes a diverse turn as you would expect in a KS film, thankfully it is for the better. But even that rapture doesn’t last long. The lengthy climax is a drag. The runtime is another constraint, while the story gets consumed in itself as it takes up too many cudgels in its attempt to get moral sanctity.

Lawrence does a good job, though there could have been many contenders to the role. SJ Suryah seems to get better with every film. Naveen Chandra impresses. The rest are neat.

Cinematography by Thirunavukkuarasu is top draw. Santosh Narayan’s background score works in most of the places. Shafique Mohammad Ali’s editing is lazy. Dialogues are decent while direction is good.

JIGARTHANDA – 2 is a passable film, not what you want or expect from Karthik Subburaj.



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