Jawan is an action thriller film co-written and directed by Atlee in his Hindi directorial debut.] It is produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma under Red Chillies Entertainment. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role.

There is nothing that is even tenuously surprising with JAWAN as it opens up. For the ones who have seen South Masala movies it is a routine standard fare especially for the ones who have watched Atlee’s potpourris. What is different is the style and the production design that the makers have heavily invested in and rightly so. The Robin Hood saga that is as old as the Himalayas still continues in this wishy-washy script with a tawdry screenplay that is outlandish and also attempts in its asinine humour to cover up the commonsensical loopholes as large as the craters what Chandrayan found on the moon. The main characters are totally oblivious to reckoning of any kind and the only way the ambush on our commonsense is minimized is by the hurried pace in the screenplay that obliterates any lucid thinking.

SRK’s charm works in parts. Nayanthara is more stoic in her performance. Deepika Padukone is fine. Vijay Sethupathi is average. Sanjay Dutt in a cameo is comical. Priyamani is decent. The rest are just there.

GK. Vishnu’s cinematography is taut. Anirudh keeps up the tempo in the background score, but the songs are lackluster. Dialogues are plain. Ruben’s editing is OK. Direction is average.

JAWAN is a tasteless “Pongal-Pav” by Atlee !!


B.U.Shreesha .