Anurag Basu is an accomplished film maker and his movie shelf boasts of movies that are daringly different and here with the brilliant Ranbir Kapoor yet again, Anurag ventures on another experiment.

JS can either bore you immediately or can grow on you after a while; the movie does not allow you to settle down and straight away gets into the “act”. You know what is in store with the unique “musical “presentation that is new to Bollywood. There are magnificent moments that are genuine and lovely as the movie transports you into its own web of illusion from one form to another without you even realizing it. This is where the fault line lies as well as JS effortlessly fools you but delivers nothing of substance. You are lost in its amazing process but do not know what it intends to deliver.

Ranbir Kapoor, this brilliant actor time and again delivers irrespective of the film’s consequence at the box office. His honesty, his subtlety is a treat to watch and he is magical on screen with his nuances. Katrina Kaif has improved leaps and bounds and is the apt foil for Ranbir Kapoor. Saswata Chatterjee and the talent house Sarurabh Shukla are wonderfully cast.

JS is a technical treat, cinematography by Ravi Varman is amazing to tell the least and has worked in tandem with the art director Poddar for a visual delight. While the editing could have done with a few cuts, Pritam scores big on the music front and makes it eminently sound and wonderful. Dialogues are quite good while direction by Anurag is on the mark,

JAGGA JASOOS is not everyone’s taste of music but a sound that cannot be ignored for its unique rhythm even though it lacks soul.