Appu Movies produce this “ITLY” that has a bevy of well acclaimed actors as part of its cast. The movie is directed by RK Vaidhyadharan.

ITLY is as silly as its name and the way it is coined in the form of (Inba,Twinkle,Lilly). Idly is an easy to make and ready to serve dish but this film is tasteless. With a listless story and sordid film making ITLY most of the times gets on to the viewers nerves. The writing is so pathetic that OCD has a new definition in this film that is mostly repugnant. The length of the film is agonizing and the comedy in the film is atrocious. Save for some very few moments that bring out a forceful smile ITLY is boring.

Saranya, Kovai Sarala, Kalpana(late) are seasoned actresses and they are loud and garish as is expected out of them. We do have Manobala, Mansoor Ali Khan and many more who don’t disappoint in being silly and insane.

ITLY suffers from shoddy work behind the scenes as well. Cinematography is shoddy while music by Hari competes with the loudness of the scenes. Editing is bad and dialogues are silly. Direction is substandard.

On the whole ITLY is avoidable, you can enjoy very few scenes very soon on your favourite comedy channels.