Vishal produces this film and plays the hero too. Mithran is the director of the film and is touted to be a bilingual.

Close on the heels of “Yen Per Surya” you have this film again that talks about a soldier having issues with his own self. But this movie takes a different turn then on. The movie takes its time to unravel and that can tests one’s patience. With a lot of technology fed in it can perhaps amuse a few but at the same time can go over the head for many. It again plays to the gallery like most Kollywood movies do these days and succeeds too. So again you have the movie taking potshots at some “Central Schemes”. You cant help similarities between Thani Oruvan and this film too.

Vishal is cool in his role and does as expected. Delhi Ganeshan is good as the father. Samantha is decent in her small but important role. Robo Shankar is funny while Arjun is in top gear.

Willim’s camera work is taut and Yuvan Shankar Raja is decent with his background score though one song is totally unnecessary. Ruban’s editing could have helped with a few trimmings. While Mithran delivers as the director.

IRUMBU THIRAI delivers but could have been much better had it not tried to toy with “Schemes” that seems to have been “inserted” considering that the movie began early 2016.