S Thanu needs no introduction in Tamil cinema and when he decides to produce his son’s debutant movie the expectations were high. Kalaaprabhu has cast Gowtham Karthick in this fantasy adventure.

The director has picked a fantasy adventure for his debut film, though the intentions are right and the plan decent as well it is in execution that he falters terribly and shows his inexperience. The movie tries to have everything that a regular movie consists of and that makes the movie a pain to watch. Good production budget is wasted not to mention the primary CG. Post interval the movie takes a nose dive especially in the climax

Gowtham Karthik is perhaps the one actor who in Kollywood can play roles that none from the current familiar actors can play but sadly he picks scripts that do no justice to his “charm”. The two heroines in Sonarika and Ashrita have nothing to do like most movies. Others are decent.

Cinematography by Rasamathi is very good considering the other aspects of the movie. The CG though is atrocious for a budget as this. Music is quite decent for a debutant in the form of KP. Editing could have worked better while dialogues are standard. Direction for a first timer is average.