Inayathalam Movie Review

The movie is by debutant duo Shankar and Suresh and like the recent Lens this movie too takes on the issue of social media and is aptly named Internet in Tamil.

Inayathalam begins off like some tech thriller but that is it few scenes and you wonder what is wrong, and very soon the incoherent screenplay gets you. The flimsy dramatic screenplay and a silly plot makes you sympathize with the makers and the feeling of pity creeps in.

Ganesh Venkatraman though a decent actor in this movie as the lead hero attempts to be so much not him and ends up in a very silly performance. Erode Mahesh too does a very amateurish job. Shweta Menon tries to hold things up while Sukanya in a cameo does not help much.

The production values are weak and that shows with very basic design and function. The cinematography is very basic while the music is barely listenable. The editing is nonexistent while dialogues are juvenile. Direction is sub standard.

Inayathalam suffers majorly in all departments and is a no show. It is a little saddening because the “honesty” and the ‘effort” in trying does not show on screen.