HHM is by Santosh Jayakumar that has Gowtham Karthik and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles produced by Studio Green.

This movie is touted to be an “adult comedy”, wish makers of the film know what an adult comedy is. For beginners including the ones marketing this film as such, an adult comedy is definitely not vulgar jokes or juicy quips alone it is the way it is told entwined within the relationship or with the characters, jokes that are told intelligently as well as humorously. Unfortunately in HHM the jokes are loud and pathetically plain. Cut those silly jokes HHM could have been a decently entertaining family entertainer. For a few jokes calling it an adult comedy is the downfall of the film and in trying to make it one has resulted in a below average film.

Gowtham Karthik is good in his role and shows improvement while Nikki Galrani continues to play the roles she has been playing with not much difference. Mottai Rajendran is as usual typecast in weird hairdo and others go about their rudimentary roles with ease.

Technically the movie has nothing great to offer. Cinematography by Selvakumar is decent, music by Balamurali is loud like the movie jokes. Dialogues are a huge let down plus rarely funny and direction is standard.

HHM could have been a good adult entertainer had it made use of the situations, instead it chickens out and when it does try to be bold, it exposes itself as trash.