This movie made more news due to the presence of Prabhu Deva who after the successful “Devi” is back again with this film in Kollywood. Kalyan is the writer and director of the film which also has Revathy playing an important role.

“Mindless caper” is something we all have heard and seen and this perfectly sums up the experience of watching “Kulevagavali”. The idea of the film is majorly to entertain the audience and keep them in splits with the crass one liners and brainless logic. With this set in mind the makers almost manage to deliver one. The film oscillates between absurdity and some cocky moments.

Prabhu deva has played such roles before and comfortably eases into this role. He does not try too hard and delivers what is expected out of him. Revathy is the winner in the film, she delivers a wonderful performance contrary to what she has been used to of late and brings back memories of the feisty individual playing her characters with aplomb during her hey days. Hansika Motwani walks around in skimpy clothes and manages to match PD in his steps. Yogi babu keeps doing what he does best while others form the rest.

Anandkumar behind the camera does a decent job though the CG is a bit naïve. Vijay Velkutty’s editing serves its purpose in a short film. Music by Vivek-Mervin is peppy and entertaining. Dialogues are decent while direction by Kalyan is good.

On the whole the movie keeps the audience engaged either irritably or amusingly and definitely would please a section of audience who indulge in such mindless entertainers