Telugu cinema is on a roll, after the cult, path breaking film “Bahubali” that rocked the entire country and partly the world too with its “colossal” performance, it also paved the way for the Indian Film Industry to change its way of “western” thinking. The Indian Film Industry has had very few films on history and historic personalities, more out of the fear that they would offend some faithful followers. War films are very few, and down south they are very scarce. Hence it was considered a very bold attempt when Tollywood decided to make the first “war at sea” film in India.

The movie straightaway jumps to the plot without beating around the bush and once inside the submarine, the movie stays faithfully uncompromising to the war drama with the least bit of wavering. The story of two submarines taking on each other under-water stays gripping for almost the entire length of the movie. While the first half works its way towards the actual scene of action it is the second half that unravels in an engrossing way. There are many moments in the film that are set up well, but just fall short of delivering the knockout punch.

What works good for the movie too is its more than able star cast in the form of Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and boasts of Om Puri and Nassar in a blink and miss role. The veterans in the form of Menon and Atul walk away with the acting honours and even Rana Daggubat who is the star of the movie is more than decent in his role as Lieutenant-Commander. Tapasee Pannu has very little to do in a trivial role. Others especially Rahul Singh as the Pakistan Captain support impressively.

When a movie is shot and based entirely in a “capsule” it has to rely more on the men behind the scenes to make it authentic and imposing. This is where Mathi with his brilliant cinematography and amazing backing from the VFX team make every scene look more than believable. Editor Sreekar Prasad keeps the movie engaging throughout and K keeps the audience glued with a riveting background score. The dialogues are good and for a first time director, Sankalp Reddy has delivered remarkably.

The Ghazi Attack is a step in the right direction and can throw open the door for more such movies. The entire team deserves applause for embarking on a very bold challenge and it would be unfair to compare GA with war movies in the Hollywood as the budgets are grossly unfair.