GEMINI GANESHANUM SURLIRAJANUM is an attempt at romcom by debutant director Odam Ilavarasu that has Atharva and a bevy of heroines.

At the outset there is no connection between the title and the characters save for the fact that they have been named such. This supposedly romcom falls flat almost throughout the length of the movie with a very staid screenplay and a flat script. Just like action heroes who in one punch fells ten guys, here we have the hero who with one expression has the entire women folk swooning for him. The only time the movie sparks with some life is towards the end and by then enough damage is done. The last twenty minutes is when the movie tries to get it right and it could be the only reason the movie might get saved.

Atharva the Casanova of the film is through the entire length and breadth of the film throwing his so called cute expressions at the women in the film as well as the audience that after a while is exasperating. The heroines in the movie have one job to do fall for the hero and dance for songs. They do it in style.  Suri as the comedian tries to keep things going but is tiring with his done and dusted dialogues and style.

GEMINI GANESHANUM SURLIRAJANUM is as vexing as writing the title of the movie and if one can withstand 3/4th of nonsense for the last quarter then make an attempt.