Suseenthiran’s Genius proves that he is a good writer but lacks the prowess as a film maker in the recent times.

The first half focuses accurately on the unwanted academic pressures being put on children by the parents which deteriorates the mental fitness and causes unstable behaviour.

The second half was completely unrealistic and definitely didn’t serve the purpose of the issue dealt.

The casting was good but couldn’t give us a “movie” experience, it was kind of a staged drama with limited characters acting it out.

The actor, Roshan wasn’t at ease and failed to deliver a meticulous performance the character demanded.

Yuvan’s music was supportive though the songs didn’t turn out to be chartbusters inspite of the good combination.

The movie exposes a mental disorder but doesn’t take it serious and cater a proper solution rather misguides the audience with completely absurd treatments.

A film which started off with an influential concept ended up pathetically falling under the category of commercial sugar coated films.

GENIUS – Impractical  

Rating – 2/5 

– Lavanya Prasath