DON is romantic comedy drama produced by Lyca Productions and is written and directed by Cibi Chakravarthi.

The plot of DON is nothing new. TFI has for most part of the recent years churned a mix of films into one and have attempted to present the same with a bankable star to carry it to the masses. DON is one such attempt with SK in the lead. SK is the pulling himself away from the wannabes and is comfortably slotting himself into the top tier by making slipshod scripts watchable with his modest acts. The film is let down by clichés and some manufactured writing. The first half as you expect is harmless with some laughs, while the second half has the masala that is suited to bolster SK’s image, with the climax giving him a new high. The message gets lost in the mindless preaching.

Siva Karthikeyan is on a roll and it looks like just a matter of time before he makes it to the top. SJ Surya’s innings as an actor could give complex to many heroes. Samuthrakanni is as you would expect. Priyanka Mohan is decent. Soori doesn’t offer anything new.

KM Bhaskaran’s cinematography is decent. It would not be an exaggeration to say Anirudh is the backbone of commercial films in TFI. He is a winner once again. Nagooran’s edits are good despite the cliché settings. Dialogues work and direction is fine.

DON offers nothing new and yet is entertaining in some parts and understanding towards the end.