CHEKKA CHIVANTHA VANAM by Lyca Productions is written and directed by Maniratnam. CCV created a huge buzz with its trailer and has had led to tremendous anticipation.

Maniratnam after cozying up with romance in his previous two films is back in gangster mode. Not a newbie to this genre having handled two iconic films in Nayagan and Thalapathi, Maniratnam tries to push the envelope too far in CCV. A few falling  script with oodles of  cinematic liberties and crazy logic is not something you usually associate a Maniratnam film with, but in CCV he decides to take a rain check on all of it. What you have in CCV is all out action without substance. A  screenplay that doesn’t give time for logic saves the film from embarrassment. The humour is disjointed. They idea to typecast characters according to their appeal is a major letdown. The script is less gripping and goes on a roller coaster ride. Yes, you do have the Maniratnam brilliance occasionally that brings up a smile and admiration but they get swamped in the melee that is on screen. It is a little saddening to see women play second fiddle to men and also wholeheartedly accept their misgivings. The women save for Jyothika(perhaps consideration for her star power) are wasted. The script had potential to give the women their due but the writer unfortunately plays “ball”.

Where do we begin with the actors? A galaxy of stars and all distinguished in their own methods means that good performance from everyone is guaranteed. Though it is Arun Vijay among the men and Jyothika among the women who stand out. Jyothika more so because she has much more to do than the other women. The men are sterotyped to please their fans and that should help the box office ringing. Jaya Sudha is a welcome addition. 

Well it’s a Maniratnam and Sontosh Sivan combination, as expected you get amazing visuals and terrific frames that are eye pleasing and keep you glued. ARR doesn’t blow you out but keeps it workable. The short burst songs do not hamper the progress. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is apt. Dialogues are good and direction by Maniratnam decent.

CCV is not vintage Maniratnam, it’s a movie where he lets the stars power do the talking and takes the back seat for himself. For some it should work for some it might not..