Sasikumar is back in his comfortable rural setting that is directed by Maruthapandian and produced by Seven screen studio.

The movie straightaway gets to its grips by beginning strongly with no time to settle down. The audience is on board right from the first scene and what should have been an intensely gripping film waltzes like a never ending ballet despite being aware where it’s heading. It is only post interval that the film picks some pace and by then the movie has wasted precious time. For people who are on a diet of “raw” Korean movies this would seem more like a dampener. The commercial elements knock out the rawness of the film and the “heroic” climax waters does no good either.

Sasikumar, it should be a cake walk for him and he goes through the scenes in a nonchalant manner like he has done this a hundred times. With no change in his template performance you get what you expect. Rajasimman as the villain comes out on top with a “shady” performance. Others are OK.

Kathir’s cinematography is wonderful coupled with Govind Menon’s racy back ground score provides the much needed fizz to the scenes. Editing could have been a tad tighter despite being a short film. Dialogues are functional while direction good.

ASURAVATHAM has a screenplay that could have been set anywhere. The rural setting gives it an edge but unfortunately it is not as crisp and neat as it should have been.