Well, this movie was touted as India’s first claustrophobic thriller. Antony is by Antony productions and Kuttil Kumar writes and directs this film.

For all its hype as a thriller Antony fails to even generate curiosity. Few minutes into the film you realize there would be no surprises. The inconsistent flashbacks do not help nor do the unnecessary songs. The “alternating” screenplay is messy and tests one’s patience. Add to it is a misleading plot supposed to confuse the viewer that does not stick. To top it the movie ends abruptly saving the audience of prolonged “suffocation”

Lal imported from Mollywood struggles in this patchy role, Nishanth as the hero is OK in parts. Vaishali as his love interest has little to do. 

If this film is barely watchable the credit should go to the cinematographer R. Balaji, the frames look “artistic” and the use of colours deserve credit. The rest in the technical department literally bury the film. Music a strong point in such movies is pathetic, a novice in  Sivatmikha has composed it. No wonder that his age is 19.

Dialogues are average while direction is substandard.

Antony is a “muddled” “sluggish” film.