Vijay Antony is a name that is assured of a minimum guarantee in terms of box office returns as well as quality in Kollywood. Annadurai is written and directed by G Srinivasan.

The story of Annadurai is as old as the one can imagine it to be. There is no innovativeness or any freshness in terms of execution as well. Yet the story manages to hold the attention in the first half as the director keeps the audience rooting for the hero. The second half works a trash and a lot of melodrama wells up the script. In a known formula you just wait for the drama to unfold and end on expected lines where the silliest logic is all dumped in the name of cinematic liberties.

Vijay Antony has improved a lot in acting though a lot of mass elevation scenes look cliché. There are a couple of heroines and they fit the bill of Vijay Antony heroines like his earlier movies. Others in the supporting cast do their bits well.

Dhill Antony behind the camera is decent in his work while editing by Vijay Antony himself could have been better. Music forte of VA is surprisingly mediocre while background score is average. Dialogues at some places are good and mostly remain standard. Direction for a debutant is OK.

Annadurai has a few moments that sure make it engaging but otherwise it falls flat.