Rossbelle with Fashion Revolution campaign called SWAP YOUR CLOTHES

rossbelles-handmade-bagsRossbelle, an affordable luxury brand with sustainability as one of its core values and principles is launching a campaign in partnership with Fashion revolution called “Swap Your Clothes”. With this campaign, Rossbelle not only seeks to highlight the efforts of sustainable fashion but also is committed to reduce textile waste produced by fast fashion.

As an active member of the Fashion Revolution, the brand moves the needle in the global fashion industry, creating socially conscious clothes through product co-creation. The brand embodies beauty, enthusiasm and innovation for the carefree, confident and curious woman. The brand believes that the main responsibility of fashion companies is obviously to change their production, distribution and marketing practices and strategies towards greater sustainability.

“We are a fashion brand who believe in sustainability. Around 350,000 tons of used clothes goes off to landfills and 95% of these discarded clothes can be recycled or up-cycled.” said the brand’s co-founder Thasneem Masood. “We are not just about creating beautiful clothes but to enable our customers to make empowered choices and help create a long-term lifestyle solution for them.”

“Being in this industry and with the rising concern impacting the environment we have taken it as our Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure maximum recycling / up cycling of discarded clothes.” said the brand’s other co- founder Adveta Dwivedi. “This is an opportunity to show the world the causes and efforts that should be celebrated as we move towards a more sustainable future.”

Rossbelle along with global transparency movement, Fashion Revolution had organised “SWAP YOUR CLOTHES” and a screening of Andrew Morgan’s documentary The True Cost on 23rd November 2016 at the Mad Bean Cafe & Roastery. .

The brand, Rossbelle intends to holds this event every three months starting from Chennai and moving to other cities in the nine months.

About Rossbelle

Rossbelle knits beauty, sustainability and social responsibility into every piece of clothing and takes pride in it. The brand puts sustainability at the core of everything that they do, with the goal that they affect our environment in the least way possible. The brand sources sustainable and vintage fabrics while fusing better practices all through their supply chains to make excellent styles at a small amount of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is their central goal to lead and motivate a sustainable way to be stylish.