Would you break bread with strangers?

Food has always had a way of bringing people together, fostering social interactions. That’s the reason Social Dining is fast becoming a lifestyle trend in many countries. Meet a stranger or a group of strangers and connect over food in any restaurant in your locality – that’s what Social Dining is all about.

The increased and wide-spread interference of technology in our day to day life, is wielding a threat to our social interactions, making as more isolated and less social. So, why not use the same technology to bridge this gap? It gets even better when it is done through food.

Well, that’s precisely what Muster, a social dining app, is trying to do. In a world were social media is making people feel more isolated than connected, Muster, is enabling interpersonal relationships by bringing people face to face with the help of technology. Meet new people, make new friends, all the while relishing on the culinary offerings of any city you’re in. That’s the experience Muster strives to provide.

Stuck at an airport with a long layover while waiting for a connecting flight? Visiting a new place and want to dine out in the authentic restaurants in the city along with the locals? All alone over the weekend with no company to hang out with? Had a crazy day at work and want to unwind? Muster is your answer to all these!! The theme of the app is to make new friends wherever you go!

​Muster is product of Muster Technologies Inc. a tech start up run by Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy, from Chennai. Inderjit is a self-made, first-generation entrepreneur, whose earlier venture was a successful Social Media Agency, Ikebana Consulting, which drew a lot of appreciation mostly for the social media presence the firm helped set up for Chennai Traffic Police and Chennai Metro Rail.

​Muster, an app conceptualized and developed by Indians is available across the globe on iOS and Android platforms. The app allows your GPS to locate restaurants and users around you to choose from. In short, it allows you to meet, greet and eat. Invite a person or a group of people to share a meal. After your invite is accepted, the chat option allows you to further discuss details of your plans for the meal.

Founder of Muster Technologies – Mr. Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy

Inderjit, an NRI business man from Canada, believes in Making in India and selling it across the world. So, when he launched his tech start up in Toronto, this Chennai guy looked no further than his own home town to develop his app. “Risk taking is not a part of our culture and this needs to change, for India to make a bigger and wider global impact. Even if you fail, you still learn a thing or two”, says this high-school dropout entrepreneur who has lived his life in his own terms.

Inderjit currently lives in Toronto and functions the Muster App from there. “People who knows me well they know that I am a foodie and I love to socialize; through Muster, I’m trying to bring these two things together “says Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy, who is a high-school dropout but now he is the Managing Director of a Muster Technologies Inc.

Inderjit was running a successful social media business in Chennai when he decided to move to Canada, three years back. His firm, Ikebana Consulting, was one of the front runners in social media marketing in India. Apart from serving a multi-national clientele, the firm raked in appreciation for setting up a social media presence for Chennai traffic police and Chennai Metro Rail.

This seasoned entrepreneur who is quick at identifying and grabbing a business opportunities, says there is still a lot of scope left to be exploited when it comes to social dining. As a foodie who loves to socialize, Inderjit believes food is the best way for people to connect and his new app, Muster tries to do the same.

Muster connects people, who could be random strangers, and helps them bond over food and before you know, you would have made a new friend. “Make friends wherever you go”, that’s the app’s motto. Social dining is a concept that’s fast catching up in many countries and at a time when social media and technology are coming in the way of inter personal interactions, Muster tries to take advantage of technology to bring people face to face and enable real time social interactions.