Kalyan Jewellers inaugurated their Exclusive Premier of Beautiful jewellery worn by Sonam Kapoor.

KALYAN JEWELLERS FORMAL INAUGURATION 230920161 (11)The preview will feature jewellery worn by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor to the Am Far dinner at the world famous Cannes Film Festival. The range has been designed by Kalyan Jewellers and Rhea Kapoor.

These temple jewellery style Jhumkas are intricately crafted with diamonds, red rubies and queen-sized pearls set within a pattern of flowers, petals and deities. To maintain the exclusivity of these earrings, Kalyan Jewellers will be restricting the number of orders on the same. The price is close to 10 lakhs.

Select customers also get a chance to meet Sonam Kapoor on 25th Sept in Chennai.

The preview will be attended by film star Prabhu Ganesan, media entrepreneur Aruna R Krishnan and the owners of Kalyan Jewellers, Mr TS Kalyanaraman and his sons Mr Ramesh and Mr Rajesh.