Upcoming Designer Deepika Sanna Reddy from Chennai shortlisted for Indian Runway Fashion Week

deepika-the-show-stopper-indian-runway-fashion-weekUpcoming designer Deepika Sanna Reddy from Chennai was shortlisted to exhibit her debut collections at the prestigious Indian Runway Fashion Week by the Indian Federation for Fashion Development this Friday 16th September, 2016. A young mother and Apparel Technology graduate from Anna University, Deepika also owns a custom Wedding boutique Ishithaa.

Deepika Reddy launched her debut winter / Festive collection ‘Vadhuvu’ at India Runway Week 2016. With a passion to induce fashion in the traditional attire of Indian Bridal wear, Deepika attempts to resurrect the beauty of our heritage in the form of ethnic motifs and embellishments in the debut collection.

The collection ‘Vadhuvu’ means bride in Telugu; echoes what every South Indian Bride desires to be on her big day. The Hues and textures of the Lehengas, Gowns and the Kanchipuram silk sarees are every south Indian girl’s dream. Deepika intends the collection to be a reflection of fine craftsmanship behind Indian Bridal wears.

About Deepika Reddy & Ishithaa Bridal Boutique

Having a background in Designing with a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Technology from Anna University, Chennai, India, it was always a dream for Dheepika Reddy to start a designer studio. When she shared this idea with her husband Nithish Reddy; he too wanted to chip in and help Deepika start it right away. And that’s how with a vision to blend the fashion across the country they started Ishithaa on September 15th 2013.

Ishithaa aims to provide the brides / the brides to be in Chennai a whole different experience in designing their wedding blouses. Everyone has their own specific ideas / concept when it comes to wedding. Va encouraged her in designing custom bridal wear and launched a Special Bridal Lounge. Since then, Ishithaa has been a one-of-a-kind fashion store created to encompass every aspect of contemporary fashion and to bring to life the finest trends and statements in ethnic wear from fashion galore across India!

Fashion according to Deepika is bound by imagination which implies there’s no limit and who’s to say what not to wear! It can be daunting because of the incredible design talent out there, but she is so extremely exciting to have her own style and vision out there in the world for someone to relate to and fall in love with. Combining colors, sketching up designs, thinking from a different perspective ultimately leads to new trends and she thrives hard to be a trend setter.